Frying a Turkey for Thanksgiving??

Turkey Fryer AccidentTurkey Fryer Safety

There are a few basic rules to safety frying a turkey and yet every year there are fires that destroy buildings and houses. The problem as gotten so bad that Underwriters Laboratories’ (UL) has refused to certify turkey fryers. The reason is that most people just don’t follow the safety rules. Let me illustrate with a few examples.

First of all, do not use your turkey fryer on a wooden deck, in your garage, near a wooden structure, under the eves of any building, or anywhere near that nitrous tank you have for your car(?). Sounds reasonable? Well that’s just what one family in Nebraska did. They had removed the turkey from the fryer and left it unattended, not realizing that still hot means still dangerous. The neighbor had to come over to tell them that their garage was on fire and the nitrous tank (really?) exploded just as the fire department arrives. Read the whole story

Second, never leave your turkey fryer unattended. This really is a two person job. You need a good volunteer to do the running while you watch the turkey fryer. Even a few minutes could cost you $71,000 or more. Robert here lost his garage and everything in it, plus did a lot of damage to his house when he ran in the house for a couple of minutes. Just think about it for a second, several gallons of hot oil and a constant burning flame. When turkey fryers get too hot they don’t just catch fire, they can explode. Read More

As John Drengenberg of Underwriters Laboratories described it, when the oil in one of these turkey fryers catches fire “it’s like a vertical flame thrower.” That’s what happened up in Minnesota when flames shot up from a turkey fryer and destroyed a $400,000 house. Just watch this video from Consumer Reports to see how fast and how bad things can get.

Now I’m not trying to scare you away from frying turkeys. It’s a great way to make an incredible meal; however, as Underwriters Laboratories has said, careful use of a turkey fryer is a safe way to cook. The problem is that people just don’t take the time to read the instructions and do not think about what they are doing. A turkey fryer contains several gallons of oil. At temperatures over 300 degrees F that oil becomes about as flammable as gasoline. So, Read, Think, then cook or you could be the next victim.