Off to the Rodeo

The Stock Show in one form or another has been present in Denver since 1899.  We can’t say we have been attending it for that long but nevertheless it has become a tradition in our family.  A rodeo uniquely an American invention has its origins in the daily chores of cattle and ranching.  Today it has widely become a sporting event which is televised creating world famous cowboys and cowgirls.

Rodeo Clowns

There are few things at the Rodeo so entertaining as the clowns.  Rodeo Clowns date back to the 1900’s providing both distraction and protection for bull riders sometimes known as bullfighters as well as comic relief and entertainment for the crowd sometimes know as barrelmen.

SS3 National Western

How fun it is to see the lights of the Rodeo and to live in a state that has such wonderful diversity to support all varieties of sporting activities.

Here we are at the Rodeo

Next stop: Professional Bull Riders World Finals in Las Vegas…well we can dream can’t we?

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