Not every day you meet an Olympic Champion!!!

From the left: Jim Long, Kayla Harrison, Cheri Osterhoudt




We met an Olympian!  It was March 11th of this year at the Inverness Golf Club located in Englewood, Colorado.  We attended an annual Liberty Mutual Insurance Conference and the guest speaker was Kayla Harrison.  Kayla was the first American to win a gold medal in Judo.  She graciously posed in a picture with us and her gold medal from the 2012 London games.  Kayla spoke to the audience about her partnership with Liberty Mutual.  She also shared her journey to becoming an Olympian and the adversities she had overcome.

If you are unsure about what Judo is here are a few fun facts on the subject:

  • Means Gentle way
  • Originated in Japan
  • Derived from Jujutsu
  • Currently greater than 20 million people around the world practice Judo
  • Developed in 1882 by Dr. Jigoro Kano
  • In 1964 Judo became the first martial arts sanctioned as a medal sport for the Olympics
  • October 28th (Today) is World Judo Day
  • To learn more about Kayla or Judo try:



Grand Opening!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fall seems like the appropriate time for changes as the leaves change color here in beautiful Colorado.

               fall                                  Jim sign2

So we wanted to take the opportunity to announce that

We have moved!  Our new location:

7800 Miller Dr. Unit C Frederick, CO 80504

As you can see we have been working tirelessly to get ready and we opened our doors September 2nd, 2014.
                   IMG_0924     IMG_0921    

We had help from many businesses in the area and would like to recognize their wonderful work.

Starting with Peak Office Furniture in Denver, CO.  They sent us the “two Juans” as they identified themselves and you can see one of them pictured below setting up our desks.  They both did a wonderful job and kept us all laughing with their great sense of humor.

             furniture truck                          Juan

Insurance is our passion and all the signage for our business was provided by Fast Signs of Longmont in Longmont, CO and you can see they are also passionate about what they do.  Check out the signs on the outside of the building too (pictured above or come see in person)!!


IMG_0936       front office       Jim office

We have worked hard moving in…Cheri nearly broke a finger getting it done but as I stated before Insurance is our passion, moving things we should probably leave to someone else.  We are very excited and feel blessed to be in our new office space and look forward to welcoming you when you stop by to see us.  We just had to celebrate and raise a glass to a job well done.  Thank you to all the businesses and friends who helped us out during this transition….here’s to you!