Better Business Bureau Warning – All Computer Users


Take Precautions to Prevent Your 

Computer from Being Taken Hostage

Ransomware – viruses that either lock or scramble your computer or Android device until a ransom of $300 to $400 is paid to restore functionality – is making the rounds again with a new twist: Displayed images impersonate law enforcement.

Ransomware, like other malware, arrives most commonly when you visit a malicious website or a website that’s been hacked. Victims get pop-up notices declaring that to have their files restored they must pay a ransom via money wire or Green Dot MoneyPak.

To avoid getting infected, ensure your computer’s software and anti-virus definitions are up-to-date and avoid suspicious sites. If your machine is already infected, do not pay the ransom. Instead, follow instructions provided by your anti-virus provider or contact a reputable security expert, who you’ve checked out at, to assist in removing the malware.

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