Sticking to Your Healthy Resolution!

Healthy New YearStick to your healthy resolution by planning ahead

When the holidays come to an end we find our wallets empty and fridge full of holiday leftovers.  We also find ourselves at work after the holidays with an array of goodies and treats that your coworkers have brought in; only to lessen the load in their fridge.   However, we must remain focused on the promise we made to ourselves that this year will be different; this year I will live a healthier and more active lifestyle!  Once you have proclaimed your resolution the next step is follow through.

When at the workplace you must keep in mind that although it is offered you don’t have to accept.  Below is a list of tips that can be used to keep you on track and focused:

  1. Instead of reaching for the cake, bring a healthy snack option.
  2. Decrease the amount of time spent in the area where the leftovers are held.
  3. Planning your menu for the week is also beneficial when trying to avoid the temptation of the treat table.
  4. Display positive reminders around your workspace to help you remain focused and encouraged.
  5. Tell a friend at work and make it a team effort.
  6. Don’t skip physical activity! Yes, this can be done at your desk or workspace.
  7. Set small weekly and monthly goals that you can reward yourself for accomplishing.

Remember, a resolution is not meant to be broken but to be accomplished!  With everyday and every new year we have the opportunity to make a change toward a healthier lifestyle.  The benefits of those changes will do nothing less than make you a better you.  Keep in mind there will be speed bumps along the way but with a positive and persevering attitude you can excel and accomplish your goal.

Source: State Auto Twitter

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