Get Ready to Shop



Healthcare Changes are near…..

In one week, Connect for Health Colorado will open for business, offering Coloradans a new way to shop, compare and select new health insurance plans that will begin providing coverage as early as January 1.

Starting October 1, you can go online and learn about your options. You’ll have a wide range of choices at competitive prices. You can compare health plan features and prices side-by-side, identify your potential cost savings based on income, and sign up for health plans. Small business owners will be able to set up group plans for their employees.  Brokers, agents, Health Coverage Guides and the Customer Service Center are all available to help guide you through the process at no charge.

Many Coloradans will be eligible, based on income, for new cost savings – primarily through a new kind of tax credit from the federal government – to reduce the cost of private health insurance. Many Coloradans will also be newly eligible for Medicaid in 2014 because of a new state law that expands eligibility based on income.

You can buy health insurance through our Marketplace and then claim the tax credit, if eligible, when you file taxes in 2015. The IRS will determine the amount of the tax credit and apply it to a refund or lower tax liability.

If you want to apply for an advance premium tax credit (applied immediately to lower the monthly premium), you’ll need to work with our Customer Service Center to apply.  Advance tax credits are only available to customers who have been denied Medicaid, so the first step is to fill out an application for Medicaid. The application can be done online, over the phone, on paper, or supported by our trained representatives. Once you are denied Medicaid, we’ll ask you some additional questions about your tax household and anticipated income to determine eligibility for tax credits. In November, we anticipate that customers who want to move through the process without the help of our support network will be able to do so by themselves.

We’ll offer many resources – including a mobile application – to help you explore your options. You can call our Customer Service Center, go to an Assistance Site in your community, or get advice from a certified agent or broker. We’ll support you through each step in the process to make sure you’ve completed enrollment by December 15 to have your coverage start January 1, 2014. And Coloradans who miss that window will have up to the end of March 2014 to shop and enroll. We’re excited to offer this service to help you protect your health and your finances.

Long’s Insurance Agency is a certified broker and has taken extensive training in the new healthcare act reform.  Contact us today and we would be happy to help you navigate through these changes.

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